Youth Power PDX

Be heard, be brave, be proud;

youth voices = youth power.

Our Mission

Youth Power PDX is a youth-run collective, centering BIPOC and queer (LGBTQ+) stories and voices through the crossroads of story, music, visual art and activism.

Who We Are

Youth Power PDX is a collaborative effort sparked by a youth organizer, Francesca’s We the Wild Youth in Spring 2019. In Fall 2019,  a team of youth organizers – Cor3 – came together to dream up the Spring 2020 event – Speak Up! Sing Out! with the support of¸ youth allies including Friends of Noise and City Repair and other adult supporters. The initiative centers youth leaders to support a rotating collective of youth in producing a semi-annual youth arts and activism summit.

What WE Do

Youth PowerPDX collective of youth activists and artists that produce a youth planned and curated youth empowerment event called Speak Up, Sing Out. This event will demonstrate and showcase youth empowerment, intersectional collective action, youth organizing and amplifying youth voices. Friends of Noise and City Repair are providing mentorship, resources and support to the youth planning committee.


Activism consists of efforts to promote, impede, direct, or intervene in social, political, economic, or environmental reform with the desire to make changes in society.


People under the age of twenty five who experience ageism and are thus marginalized.


The act of using your privilege, position, power or platform to make space for people’s voices to be heard. We have a goal of empowering POC and LGBTQ+ youth by creating a safe platform and supportive environment to share art and stories. 

Mental Health

Something everyone has and is exclusive to those who struggle with mental illness. Its important to stay connected creative and hopeful during these trying times to promote health mental wellbeing. 

The City Repair project

Mission: The City Repair Project fosters thriving, inclusive, and sustainable communities through the creative reclamation of public space.

We facilitate artistic and ecologically-oriented placemaking through projects that honor the interconnection of human communities and the natural world. We are an organized group action that educates and inspires communities and individuals to creatively transform the places where they live. The many projects of City Repair have been accomplished by a mostly volunteer staff and thousands of volunteer citizen activists.

Friends of Noise

Mission: Friends of Noise is a non-profit, educational, all-ages organization. Our mission is to provide  safer and productive spaces for all-ages concerts, focused arts education, and leadership opportunities for youth with a focus on providing marginalized youth and youth of color access to performative creative expression. Our long-term goals are to contribute to the development of a region wide network of young people and adults that are learned and ready to pursue a career in the music industry on stage or backstage and to grow into a youth centered arts center that resides in a music focused arts hub in an underserved community within our city.