Belise Nishimwe

Blaine is a member of our Fall 2020 Youth Cor6!

Blaine E. Coppini

My name is Blaine E. Coppini, and I’m a white disabled artist, writer, and maker living on stolen Cowlitz and Clackamas land. I’m a proud parent of 18 indoor houseplants, and love to express my experiences and love of growing things through surrealist comics and poetry. I am committed to dismantling white supremacy and the oppressive systems it has created, and am deeply passionate about mutual aid and community care. My dream is to provide free food and medicine for my community.

What does intersectionality mean to you?
To me, intersectional youth power means a more equitable and more accessible arena in which marginalized youth voices are uplifted, and youth are allowed to work autonomously and cooperatively. It means an acknowledgment of privileges and oppressive systems that provides space for those with lived experience; creating something powerful enough to enact monumental change and radical healing.