speak up sing out-December 22th

3:00-4:20 pm

3-3:20 pm 

Jolly Wrapper

a spoken word poet, rapper, musician, artist who wants to change the world through art and self expression

3:30-4:20 pm 


Identity and Culture panel

Art is everywhere. It is an expression, an action, and an integral part of activism. In art, we envision our futures. In art, we make our voices heard. In this panel, we’ll be asking two youth artists to speak about their art and their work, and what it means to them.

Arieanna Morehead

My name is Arieanna. I am a senior at Reynolds high school. I was born and raised in Portland,Oregon. Growing up, I was an only child so I spent allot of time exploring. In middle school, I noticed the lack of representation of my race everywhere. All the time. I got tired of reading articles about Black men and women being murdered, victims of hate crimes, stereotypes, etc. I wanted to be apart of the change. Now here I am, in 2020 making the change.

Belise Nishimwe
Activist + Poet

Belise Nishimwe is a senior at St. Mary’s Academy in Portland, Oregon. Extremely passionate about social justice, international relations, and law especially as it pertains to immigrants and their rights, Nishimwe was born and lived in a refugee camp in Tanzania until the age of five, when she and her family moved to America through Catholic Charities. Now a U.S. citizen, she has dedicated herself to be someone who can create a platform that gives a voice to immigrants and refugees and the representation they need. She serves as now President for a youth-led nonprofit called, Youth Ending Slavery. As well as these activities, she enjoys writing poetry and exploring other artistic venues. She was the 2019 Poetry Out Loud State Champion and received the 2019 Pamplin Media Group Amazing Kids Award. In the near and far future, she dreams of interning for a law firm or for a political office. She plans on strengthening her abilities as a leader and as an activist, so she can be a person who defends and speaks for those who are told they can’t.

Jasper Gillispie

My name is Jasper, and I enjoy drawing, playing video games, and reading. I like science and mathematics, and I like figuring things out and knowing the answers to any question that comes my way. I struggle with my existence as a transgender individual, however I try and thrive despite and because of these struggles. Even though my identity sometimes makes it more difficult to do the things I enjoy, I often create art that is based off of and exists because of my challenges.

9:00-10:20 pm

9-9:20 pm 



My name is Tier, im an indie rock creative who expresses through music, songwriting and color. I have a broad range of musical style interests because I am moved by so many artists who express such beautiful work in a variety of styles. I was raised by parents who played music for me everyday of my life, from so many musical periods and styles. I had the privilege of getting exposure to so much art and artistic expression. I love that art can communicate to people where we are and how much we all share – in our joy, confusion and pain.

9:30-9:50 pm 

Rowyn O'Connor

(any pronouns)

Hello! My name is Venus Moon. I am more of a shy person, so doing this showcase is a huge step for me. I really enjoy dancing and it keeps me at peace. I could dance for hours.

10:00-10:20 pm 



i am a 14 year old writing, poet and organizer with pdxblackyouthmvmt. i was born into a family of activist and was submerged into activist at a young age. i have big plans for economic support on the black community. and bringing attention to youth voices