speak up sing out-December 24th

December 24th

Join us for the finale of our six day celebration of youth power and art. We will close out our event with four musical performances and a panel introducing the second half of our core youth leadership. Tune in!


3:00-4:20 pm

3-3:20 pm 


Cruz Delgadillo

I’m Cruz and I grew up in Portland and the surrounding cities. I’ve loved music for as long as I can remember, and its been a huge part of my life. I play in a couple bands (Force Quit, and Rat Dog).

3:30-4:20 pm 


Youth Core Panel 2

To close out the event as we began it, join us once again as we return to our youth core. Meet the rest of the youth core! Youth Power PDX is a youth led program, for and by youth leaders. This is a panel introduction to the folks who made this event happen, where they will share who they are and what brought them to this project and this work generally.

Belise Nishimwe

Kalie Minor
Activist, Organizer

I started my fight for justice when I was just 11 years old (I am 15 now) when my dad took me to the Portland Women’s March. We marched alongside my mom who was fighting in DC. Since then it was been a main aspect of my life to do all I can to fight for justice for those who are oppressed. This includes attending Black Lives Matter protests, organizing women’s rights walkouts at my school, signing petitions, etc. Recently I won the “Teen Voices for Racial Justice” essay contest with Portland Monthly Magazine. Winning allowed me to donate $1000 to a non profit of my choosing. I selected the Black Resilience Fund. I also designed and created digital graphics for Black Earth United, a Portland based, Black owned business. I think being a youth power core coordinator is an amazing opportunity that I can bring my many skills to and will provide me with skills to use later in life as well as a way to amplify my voice for justice.

Belise Nishimwe

Filmmaker, Organizer

My name is Nimco and I am a hijabi and African american that has 9 siblings and that is really interested in film, production with it, mental health, and racial and social justice. As a minority, I am affected and many others on racial misconceptions and want to educate many people and make a change to truly have justice. So that is why I am so passionate about it! However, I love anything that has to do with film and really anything in the arts. I love how you can be so creative, express yourself and make anything you want come to true.

Belise Nishimwe

Rena Marthaler
(They/Them/Theirs, She/Her/Hers)
Musician, Organizer

My name is Rena Marthaler, I am a youth musician in Portland Oregon. I am 16 years old, currently going to Cleveland High School where I participate in multiple music programs playing saxophone, flute, clarinet, and singing. On the side, I love to perform and write music as well as collaborate with other artists playing my guitar or piano, and singing. I advocate for queer youth rights and normalization, by volunteering at the Q Center and co-facilitating a weekly queer youth support group, in addition to organizing and assisting Q Center events.

9:00-10:20 pm


Ryuu Joy

9:30-9:50 pm 


big papi productions

Sophia and Fariah (They/Them/Theirs, She/Her/Hers)

We are big papi productions a dynamic duo of two native portland rappers. We started making music last year and released an ep last summer. We are currently trying to branch out of the rap genre while still sticking to our roots.

10:00-10:20 pm 


Aliya Falls

I always grew up with a passion for music and dance and knew I wanted to become a performer. Right now I’m focused on creating the best music I can at 19. I started writing songs when I was 14, but I started singing around age 5-6 when my parents put me into a children’s choir group. Immediately I knew I was destined for the spotlight. I want others to feel like they are apart of something when they hear my music. I want them to feel like they belong, and that through my music they feel connected to me as an artist. A lot of my writing inspiration comes from an alternative pop style, but my voice sounds like a mix between pop/r&b. I just want people to smile when they hear me, I can’t wait for the world to hear my latest projects, because there’s a lot of me to uncover through my songs.