Partners & Sponsors

Why Choose Us

Intersectional community building is key to our mission and vision. We are honored to partner with orgs that share our values and uplift and support the youth of our community. We encourage you to explore them to find the resources that you may need in the years to come. This is a living page that will grow and flourish to meet the challenges we must face together.

If you would like to become a partner/sponsor and share your services and resources with our community please reach out to us today!

Current Partners


MissionTo join organizational forces in the creation of authentic and inclusive opportunities that empower children and youth to lead positive change in their communities.

Morpheus Youth Project

MissionMorpheus Youth Project builds healthy communities for young people thru arts and culturally responsive activities.

Next Up

MissionNext Up amplifies the voice and leadership of diverse young people to achieve a more just and equitable Oregon.

Friends of the Children

MissionAt Friends of the Children, our mission is to provide our most vulnerable children a nurturing and sustained relationship with a professional mentor who teaches positive values and has attainable expectations for each child to become a healthy, productive member of the community.


Mission: p:ear mentors Portland’s homeless youth to affirm personal worth and create healthier lives and communities.

Current Sponsors

SE Uplift

City of Portland Office of Community & Civic Life


Open School East

Multnomah Youth Commission